Would you like to learn a hands-on energetic healing modality for physical, mental, and emotional healing support that you can use for yourself and others? Have you ever considered becoming a Reiki Master? We invite you to our Weekend Intensive where you will be attuned to Level 1, Level 2, and Master Level in this 2 1/2 day class.

The class includes a new look at the history of Reiki and its founder, Dr. Mikao Usui.

In this weekend intensive class (Friday-Sunday), you will learn everything you need to be a certified Reiki Master:

· History and concepts of Reiki.
· How to do treatments on yourself and others, in-person and long-distance.
· What the Reiki symbols are, and how to use them.
· Attunement to First Degree, Second Degree, and Master levels.
· A powerful Journey into Mastery meditation.
· How to attune others.
· Reiki Master certificate, and a chart tracing your lineage from Reiki founder Mikao Usui.
· An opportunity to assist in future classes to receive Reiki Master Teacher certification.
· Tips on setting up a practice, or incorporating Reiki into a current practice.
· Introductory manual, and illustrated handbook.

Accessible Yoga is an international advocacy organization focused on sharing Yoga with everyone. We offer Accessible Yoga conferences, a journal, and the Accessible Yoga Network.

The Accessible Yoga Training focuses on how to make the Yoga teachings available to all, regardless of their level of physical ability. We’ll focus on creating integrated Accessible Yoga classes where all students can practice together. We’ll explore the many ways that Yoga practice can be modified to suit students with disabilities and physical challenges, as well as seniors.

We’ll consider how to make our classes welcoming to everyone and how to approach students in a trauma-informed way. You’ll learn sample Gentle Yoga classes, Chair Yoga classes, and even Bed Yoga classes. We’ll look at ways of bringing the Yoga teachings and meditation into your classes and how all of Yoga can be used to support health and healing for every body. We’ll also review common medical conditions so that you’ll have a basic understanding of those issues.

Graduates of the program become Accessible Yoga Ambassadors and connect with a network of Accessible Yoga teachers and students around the world. You will also be eligible for 30 continuing education credits through Yoga Alliance.

Program times:
June 19th – June 21st, 2019 from 10AM to 6PM each day.

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