You can book your classes here or click on the “Schedule” tab up on the top right.

All our classes are 60 minutes in length. Our typical breakdown is 30 minutes of fitness, 20 minutes yoga, and 10 minutes of meditation.

Each class will be modified according to each person’s pace.

We teach HIIT or “High Intensity Interval Training,” It incorporates calisthenics, plyometrics, cardio based workouts, and resistance training.

We primarily teach a fusion of hatha, vinyasa, restorative and raja yoga.

We teach breath guided meditation. Through this practice you will begin to improve your ability to concentrate and not be distracted. We will also incorporate other techniques to calm the nervous system and alleviate stress. We offer guided meditations for deep relaxation and enhanced body awareness.

We do provide private sessions for all our services. Contact us via email about@nirvanagym.com or phone at 512-521-8173.

Please let us know beforehand. You are more than welcome to come in class and attempt the class to the best of your ability.

We have cubby holes that serve as lockers. We have one bathroom. We do not provide any shower facilities.

Yes, we do offer payment plans if necessary.

Refunds are discretionary. Please contact our team via email about@nirvanagym.com or call us at 512-521-8173 and we will work with you.

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